Supporting the Veteran Community

Join our veterans' organization in Billings, MT

Whether a veteran returned home from a foreign conflict last week or decades ago, they deserve respect and support. If you're a veteran looking for support in Billings, MT, visit VFW Post 1634. We're a veterans' organization dedicated to making sure veterans get the benefits and honor they deserve for their sacrifices.

Congress established the VFW Post 1634 in Billings, MT in 1929. Since then, we've been a place where veterans and their families who've seen foreign combat can get the help they need. We can help if you're struggling with PTSD or if you're searching for a medical facility.

You served us, now let us serve you. Visit our Veterans of Foreign Affairs organization in Billings, MT to learn more.

5 ways we help local veterans

The VFW Post 1634 is a voice for veterans in the Billings, MT community. We provide a variety of services to recognize your service, including:

  1. Advocating for veterans' issues on Capitol Hill
  2. Volunteering at VA hospitals and nursing homes
  3. Filing claims through the VFW Benefits Delivery at Discharge program
  4. Organizing fundraisers to help struggling and homeless veterans
  5. Putting together care packages and other gifts

Our members are primarily veterans who have been involved in foreign affairs. Active-duty military members can join us for a free one-year membership through the Military Initiative Program. We also welcome those who haven't served in foreign wars to join the VFW Post 1634 auxiliary.

Get in touch with us today to learn how to become a member.

Create a memorable afternoon at our Canteen

When you need a drink and some delicious food, join other local veterans at the VFW Post 1634 Canteen. We offer a full-service bar, daily lunch and prime rib and steak dinners. We also host a number of indoor and outdoor events all year long, including Bingo, karaoke and golf tournaments.

If you're a veteran in Billings, MT, you're not alone. Come by our veterans' organization for the camaraderie you deserve.

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