VFW Post 1634 Auxiliary in Billings, MT

Do You Have a Heart for Veterans?

Connect with the VFW Post 1634 Auxiliary in Billings, MT

You don't have to have served in a foreign war to join the VFW Post 1634 in Billings, MT. We offer an Auxiliary Membership for anyone who has or had a direct relative that served in the foreign war.

As a VFW Post 1634 Auxiliary member, you'll spread information about our organization's mission and provide service to veterans who need it. The VFW Auxiliary has united people from all walks of life under the common mission of aiding local veterans since 1942. You'll enjoy meeting with like-minded individuals once a month to support those who have sacrificed for our country.

Contact us today at 406-252-1448 to join the VFW Post 1634 Auxiliary in Billings, MT.

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Give back to the veteran community

What can you look forward to doing as a member of the VFW Post 1634 Auxiliary? You'll:

  • Participate in fundraisers
  • Put together care packages and other gifts
  • Advocate for legislation supporting veterans

We also work with many other nonprofit organizations in Billings, MT.

Veterans of the community need your support. Join right away to find out how you can help.